Stay Connected!

Worldwide Wi-Fi package

In cooperation with world leading Wi-Fi provider, Trustive, DMA Telecom offers a possibility to use your balance to pay for Wi-Fi access.

Why use it:

- Fast speed connection, 10-30 times faster, than mobile Internet
- Unlimited traffic, you do not pay for megabytes
- No credit card or other payment system needed
- Very easy to pay without a comission in just one command
- Can be used on any Wi-Fi device (your notebook, tablet computer, smartphone, etc.)
- Once activated, works in any country, any hotspot in the network
- Over 300000 hotspots worldwide in most airports and many public places

How to use?

Dial on your phone

*146*1060#              60 min         5.99
*146*1150#             150 min        13.99
*146*1600#             600 min        44.99

After dialing, you will receive SMS message, containing login and password. You can use them on any Wi-Fi device, one device at a time. 
Wi-Fi package is valid for 90 days since the first use. You may check, how many days and minutes remaining on Trustive website using the received login and password.

It is recommended to check the coverage in advance, where do you plan to travel.

WiFi hotspot locator

Starting dma package includes

  • Ready to use SIM-card
  • €10 balance
  • User manual
Shipping worldwide €4