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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why so cheap?
A: 1. We buy traffic at wholesale prices, and sell it with low margin.
    2. You do not make a calls, actually, we call you back!

Q: How to check the balance?
A: Dial 099, the balance will be displayed on the screen. It is free of charge.

Q: How to add the balance?
A: You can add the balance:
1. In the Personal cabinet, using your Credit card or Paypal account
2. Using Scratch card, purchased from dealer
3. Using Scratch card, purchased on this site

Q: How to use scratch card?
A: Dial 098, and a code from the card. All the digits should be entered without spaces.

Q: Does the card expire?
A: No, the SIM card and your number does not expire. However, you should make at least 1 call in 2 years, to keep the card working.

Q: Are the prices given excluding VAT?
A:  Yes, the prices on the website do not contain VAT. There is no VAT in the Canary Islands, where our company is registered. The residents of the Canary Islands will pay 7% tax IGIC. Our online sales outside of Canary Islands are not taxable.  In case of purchasing in the stores outside the Canary Islands, local taxes will apply.

Q: What is Airtime?
A: Airtime is a balance of your card.

Q: Is it possible to get money from the balance?
A: No, sorry, this is not possible.

Q: I have Android smartphone. Which advantages will your software provide?
A: This special software allows to use our service without callback ring. You will use your phone as usual phone when you call.

Starting dma package includes

  • Ready to use SIM-card
  • €10 balance
  • User manual
Shipping worldwide €4