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How to register
1. Press "Personal cabinet" -> "Registration". Enter your registration data. E-mail should be actual, to activate your account. The password should be at least 6 characters long, for security, we recommend 10-12. Note: providing false registration data will result blocking your account and SIMs without returning the remaining balance, so, if you are intended to do this, do not try.
2. You will receive an activation e-mail. Follow the link, or enter the activation code provided. After activation you are registered in the Personal Cabinet and now can order Starting Packages and Scratch Cards or if you already have your SIM card, go to the next step.
3. In the top menu select"Register Sim". The SIM-card should be inserted into the phone and the phone should be turned on and located in the network coverage. Enter your phone number and press "Get the code".  Enter the activation code from SMS message. If you have multiple DMA Telecom SIM-cards, repeat this step for each card.
Congratulations! You just have added your phone to the cabinet!

Starting dma package includes

  • Ready to use SIM-card
  • €10 balance
  • User manual
Shipping worldwide €4